About Us

Mangla Records is one of the best community for  Punjabi fresh talented youth singer to promote their talent.Mangla records with the Oat and Blessings of “Shri Pothimala Sahib” Historical Building of CLANS of 4th Guru “Shri Guru Ram Dass ji”s ” Elder son Baba Pirthi Chand and current Guru Shri Guru Yuvraj Singh Sodhi ji “Gaddi Nasheen” has started a new ERA in the Music industry.

Mangla Records Leading Members Description

Anokh Singh 

Managing director of Manglarecords.Having more than 20 years of working Experience in Marketing & Promotion, their marketing approach has been a stupendous success winning them great acclaim.

Manpreet Singh Sodhi 

Director of Mangla records who had done a vast survey on Music strengthen for Upcoming youngsters with having extensive  knowledge of markets and changing business environments also Interact with record company representatives, auditioning new music etc. He love music very passionately so started mangla records platform  for the fresh talented singer to promote themselves and create unique identity across the music world, His interest in dealing with clients all over the world that has helped creating the much-acknowledged path for the growth of the company as a group.


Jatinder Singh Sodhi

M.Tech IT  handling the Tele-Media Social-Media Print-Media of the Company.


About Mangla records.com

If you love music, you should be part of manglarecords.com,we are the music community targeted for promoting artists, and our mission is to provide the necessary tools and innovative ideas that will help the artists to promote their music, videos, visibility to get more revenue.This is a very big challenged to all the singer who want to promote their videos/songs on the internet, Everyone want to promote their songs, videos and  to make songs viral, so this is a right place to promote your songs and videos you will see the result in very short duration.
Our team is working continuously to create new tools which will not only help artists but also people related to Music industry in anyway.