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Mangla records with the Oat and Blessings of "Shri Pothimala Sahib" Historical Building of CLANS of 4th Guru "Shri Guru Ram Dass ji"s " Elder son Baba Pirthi Chand and current Guru Shri Guru Yuvraj Singh Sodhi ji "Gaddi Nasheen" has started a new ERA in the Music industry.

Mangla Records headed by Experienced Young & Charming Manpreet Singh Sodhi M.D. had done a vast survey on Music strengthen & Upcoming youngsters.

Also Headed by Anokh Singh Bholowalia who had more than 20 years Experience in Marketing & Promotion, followed by Jatinder Singh Sodhi M.Tech IT who is handling the Tele-Media Social-Media Print-Media of the Company.

The main Motive Objective and Mission of Mangla Records is to promote those singers who have dynamic voice quality but the Artists didn't Promote themselves due to different reasons . We at Mangla Records trying to establish a drastic change in the Music Industry with some new Innovations and ideas which will help the singers to promote themselves in a new pattern.

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Jinder rai

Performer & Playback Singer